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of the estonian academy of sciences
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Vol 67, Issue 4, 2018
EDITORIAL. Ten years of the renewed Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences; pp. 303–304
Jüri Engelbrecht, Jaak Järv
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Combined effect of heavy metals on the activated sludge process; pp. 305–314
Erki Lember, Vitali Retšnoi, Karin Pachel, Enn Loigu
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Integrated impact of sulphur and nitrogen deposition and ozone on forest ecosystems in Lithuania, 1995–2015; pp. 315–324
Steigvilė Byčenkienė, Kristina Plauškaitė, Ingrida Augustaitienė, Algirdas Augustaitis, Manuela Baumgarten, Raselė Girgždienė, Dalia Jasinevičienė, Almantas Kliučius, Vitas Marozas, Rainer Matyssek, Gintautas Mozgeris, Gintaras Pivoras, Vidmantas Ulevicius
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Observer-based residual generation for nonlinear discrete-time systems; pp. 325–336
Arvo Kaldmäe, Ülle Kotta ORCID Icon
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Sr2Si5N8:Eu2+ phosphor: a novel recommendation for improving the lighting performance of the 7000 ⁰K remote-packaging white LEDs; pp. 337–341
Phu Tran Tin, Nguyen Huu Khanh Nhan, Tran Hoang Quang Minh, Tan N. Nguyen, Miroslav Voznak, Tran Thanh Trang
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Popov form and the explicit equations of inverse systems; pp. 342–355
Zbigniew Bartosiewicz, Ülle Kotta ORCID Icon, Ewa Pawłuszewicz, Maris Tõnso, Małgorzata Wyrwas
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Fish predation pressure on zooplankton in a large northern temperate lake: impact of adult predators versus juvenile predators; pp. 356–367
Kai Ginter, Kätlin Blank, Juta Haberman, Andu Kangur, Külli Kangur
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Dynamic modeling and stability analysis of power networks using dq0 transformations with a unified reference frame; pp. 368–377
Juri Belikov, Yoash Levron
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Right linear map preserving the left spectrum of 2x2 quaternion matrices; pp. 378–386
Deyu Duan, Xiang Gong, Geng Yuan, Fahui Zhai
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Intuitionistic fuzzy-γ-retracts and interval-valued intuitionistic almost (near) compactness; pp. 387–398
Mohammed M. Khalaf, Sayer Obaid Alharbi, Wathek Chammam
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