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of the estonian academy of sciences
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Vol 65, Issue 1, 2016
On endomorphisms of groups of order 32 with maximal subgroups C24 or C42 ; pp. 1–14
Piret Puusemp, Peeter Puusemp
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Modified particle swarm optimization algorithm based on gravitational field interactions; pp. 15–27
Margarita Spichakova
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Time-efficient automated analysis for fibre orientations in steel fibre reinforced concrete; pp. 28–36
Emiliano Pastorelli, Heiko Herrmann
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Efficiency of a solvatic sorption model for the prediction of retention times in linear gradient reversed-phase liquid chromatography working with different stationary phases; pp. 37–49
Svetlana Vorslova, Jelena Golushko, Sergey Galushko, Arturs Viksna
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Reconstruction of UVB and UVA radiation at Tõravere, Estonia, for the years 1955–2003; pp. 50–57
Margit Aun, Kalju Eerme, Martin Aun, Ilmar Ansko
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Data processing and performance testing of a low-cost surface drifter design for use in coastal waters; pp. 58–67
Tomas Torsvik
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Modelling equilibrium distribution of carbonaceous ions and molecules in a heterogeneous system of CaCO3–water–gas.; pp. 68–77
Toomas Tenno, Ergo Rikmann, Ivar Zekker, Taavo Tenno, Laura Daija, Alexey Mashirin
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Beach wrack macrovegetation index for assessing coastal phytobenthic biodiversity; pp. 78–87
Kaire Torn, Georg Martin, Ülo Suursaar
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