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SINCE 1997
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TRAMES. A Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences
ISSN 1736-7514 (Electronic)
ISSN 1406-0922 (Print)
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guidelines for reviewers

TRAMES: A Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences is fully-refereed, internationally abstracted, English-language official publication of the Estonian Academy of Sciences and the University of Tartu. It is open to authors from any country or scientific school. All paper submissions, accepted by the editorial board, will be refereed in a double blind peer review process by at least two reviewers with expertise in the relevant subject area.

Our portfolio is full and our rejecting rate is already up to 94%, meaning that the editors have to be very selective. We do not send all contributions to the reviewers. The editors will select contributions, which will be reviewed by two anonymous referees agreed upon by the editors. A double positive result means acceptance, a double negative rejection, and mixed response the involvement of a third referee, whose vote will be final.

Papers published in TRAMES must meet certain criteria relating to audience, technical content, and presentation.

We consider several qualities that increase the chances of publication:
1. The scientific merit of the research is high.
2. The research is innovative, provocative, and likely to be influential.
3. The contribution of the paper is important.
4. The methods are sophisticated.
5. The paper is theory driven.
6. The paper is oriented for the broad general audience and is not specific and/or local case study.
7. The topic is new for the journal, i.e. articles on similar topics have not been issued in TRAMES in recent years.

The following form is designated to help reviewers evaluate manuscripts submitted to TRAMES. If revisions are recommended, reviewers should be as specific as possible in describing changes and indicate which changes are recommended and which are obligatory. If a paper is rejected because it is outside the scope of the journal, reviewers are requested to recommend that the paper be submitted elsewhere. If a paper is considered unpublishable, reviewers should reject it completely.

Please look at the manuscript soon after receiving it and return the review as soon as possible.

Please return the review to the editors:

Reviewer confidentiality. The editors of TRAMES never disclose the names of reviewers to authors. Reviewers should regard a submitted manuscript as a confidential document. They should not use or disclose unpublished information in a manuscript except with the permission of author(s). Since there is no direct communication between author(s) and reviewer(s) concerning a manuscript, that permission can only be obtained via the Editors.

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