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Microcontact printing on metallic surfaces for optical deformation measurements; pp. 184–188

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Federico Coren, Cesare Palestini, Mikko Lehto, Sven Bossuyt, Panu Kiviluoma, Aku Korhonen, Petri Kuosmanen


The measurement of the properties and behaviour of material is of fundamental importance in modern engineering. In recent years a breakthrough method for measuring surface deformation has been represented by digital image correlation. To determine local deformations in a material, an optical pattern is usually reproduced on the material surface. The reproduction of such patterns, especially at microscopic scale, is usually a slow and expensive procedure. A semi-automated device, able to print a suitable optical pattern on the metallic surface using micro-contact printing, was manufactured. Precision placing of the stamping head on the surface in order to avoid smearing of the pattern was reached. Specifically the stamp was placed with tolerances of some micrometres. Despite posing challenges in the handling of the ink and in the consistency of the patterns, this method proved viable for effective and fast creation of optical patterns.


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