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Detachable connecting fittings failure loads on plywood furniture; pp. 113–117

Full article in PDF format | doi: 10.3176/proc.2015.1S.07

Kaarel Saar, Jaan Kers, Üllar Luga, Ahto Reiska


The main objective of this study is to find the most suitable detachable joint for plywood details. Connecting fittings of different type were tested under failure loads. Both tensile and shear tests were used. The test specimens are made from 21 mm thick birch plywood. Lamello AG products Clamex P10, Clamex P15, and Invis Mx and Minifix connectors with dowel as joint type have been used. The test results showed that the Invis Mx has the highest average strength value in tensile test and Minifix with beech dowel in shear test. Based on the test results, the best fitting for connecting plywood boards was determined.



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