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Effect of structural parameters on the vibrational response of a visco-elastic rectangular plate with clamped ends; pp. 127–138
PDF | doi: 10.3176/proc.2015.2.01

Anupam Khanna, Narinder Kaur

A mathematical model for predicting the vibrational response of a non-homogeneous visco-elastic rectangular plate was developed to assist design engineers and researchers. In the presented model, thermally induced vibrations of a four-sided clamped rectangular plate of non-uniform thickness is discussed. Non-homogeneity in the material is characterized exponentially in Poisson’s ratio while temperature variation is considered bi-parabolic. A boundary value fourth order partial differential equation of motion is formulated for the parabolic tapered rectangular plate. Visco-elastic properties of the material are of Kelvin type, and deflection is considered small and linear. This paper focuses on the effects of structural parameters, i.e. thermal gradient, taper constant, aspect ratio, and non-homogeneity constant on the vibrational behaviour of rectangular plates. The Rayleigh–Ritz method is used to obtain results for the time period and deflection for the first two modes of vibration. Comparison of the results of the present paper with others available in the literature is visualized with the help of graphs.


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