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Vol 61, Issue 4, 2012
The concepts of Lie derivative for discrete-time systems; pp. 253–265
Tanel Mullari, Ülle Kotta ORCID Icon, Zbigniew Bartosiewicz, Ewa Pawłuszewicz
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A shortcut from broadband to spectral aerosol optical depth; pp. 266–278
Martin Kannel, Hanno Ohvril, Oleg Okulov
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Li2B4O7:Mn for dosimetry applications: traps and mechanisms; pp. 279–295
Arno Ratas, Mikhail Danilkin, Mihkel Kerikmäe, Aime Lust, Hugo Mändar, Viktor Seeman, Georg Slavin
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Determination of residual stresses and material properties by an energy-based method using artificial neural networks; pp. 296–305
Hongping Jin, Wenyu Yang, Lin Yan
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Effect of temperature on the sensitivity of cascaded lactose biosensors; pp. 306–313
Delia Peedel, Toonika Rinken
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Atmospheric chamber study of oil shale fly ash particles from circulating fluidized bed and pulverized firing processes; pp. 314–319
Gary Urb, Erik Teinemaa, Richard M. Kamens, Uuve Kirso, Toomas Tenno
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The Estonian H1N1 influenza 2009 outbreak was highly underestimated; pp. 320–329
Regina Saar, Diivi Põdersoo, Mari Järvelaid, Linda Tuubel, Jaanus Suurväli, Anu Nutt, Merle Saaremäe, Tiiu Saar, Sirje Rüütel Boudinot
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