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akadeemia kirjastus
Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Chemistry
Vol 51, Issue 4, 2002
Automatic on-line sample introduction for capillary electrophoresis connected via electrospray with condensation nucleation light scattering detection; pp. 187–199
Arkadi Ebber, Mihkel Kaljurand
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Theoretical basis for the estimation of nitrite as a 4-nitroso-2,5-dimethylresorcinolate complex; pp. 200–214
Ille Johannes, Laine Tiikma
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Isobaric vapour–liquid equilibria of the ternary system toluene + p-xylene + 1,2-dichloroethane; pp. 215–224
Helle Kirss, Mati Kuus, Enn Siimer, Ludmilla Kudryavtseva
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Composition of blackcurrant aroma isolated from leaves, buds, and berries of Ribes nigrum L.; pp. 225–234
Anne Orav, Tiiu Kailas, Mati Müürisepp
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Ultrasonic acceleration of ester hydrolysis in ethanol–water and 1,4-dioxane–water binary solvents; pp. 235–239
Hannes Hagu, Siim Salamar, Ants Tuulmets
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