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Oil Shale cover
Oil Shale
ISSN 1736-7492 (Electronic)
ISSN 0208-189X (Print)
Impact Factor (2021): 1.442
Vol 37, Issue 1, 2020
Major, trace and rare earth element geochemistry of coal and oil shale in the Yuqia area, Middle Jurassic Shimengou Formation, northern Qaidam Basin; pp. 1–31
Yueyue Bai, Qingtian Lv, Zhaojun Liu, Pingchang Sun, Yinbo Xu, Jingyao Meng, Qingtao Meng, Wenquan Xie, Junxian Wang, Kebing Wang
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A comparative study of oil shale-bearing intervals in the Lower Cretaceous Jiufotang Formation in the Beipiao Basin, Northeast China based on sedimentary organic-facies theory; pp. 32–50
Penglin Zhang, Qingtao Meng, Zhaojun Liu, Fei Hu, Min Xue
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Oil shale pyrolysis products and the fate of sulfur; pp. 51–69
Birgit Maaten, Oliver Järvik, Olga Pihl, Alar Konist, Andres Siirde
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Correlation between the surface infrared radiation and deformation characteristics of oil shale during uniaxial compression; pp. 70–88
Shaoqiang Yang, Dong Yang, Jing Zhao
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