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Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences
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Vol 71, Issue 2, 2022
Tanzania Craton, Serengeti Plain and Eastern Rift Valley: mapping of geospatial data by scripting techniques; pp. 61–79
Polina Lemenkova
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Refraction may redirect waves from multiple directions into a harbour: a case study in the Gulf of Riga, eastern Baltic Sea; pp. 80–88
Rain Männikus, Tarmo Soomere, Fatemeh Najafzadeh
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Development of faunal diversity during the late Llandovery–early Wenlock in the easternmost part of the Baltic Palaeobasin – implications for the Ireviken Event; pp. 89–110
Linda Hints, Helje Pärnaste, Peep Männik, Mike Reich, Sergey Rozhnov
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The outlines of the bedrock relief and the Quaternary cover between the Estonian mainland and the islands of Muhu and Saaremaa in the West Estonian Archipelago; pp. 111–126
Igor Tuuling, Sten Suuroja, Markus Ausmeel
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