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Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences
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Vol 67, Issue 3, 2018
Landslide inventory in the Abava spillway valley, Latvia; pp. 165–175
Kārlis Kukemilks
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Diversity and biostratigraphic utility of Ordovician brachiopods in the East Baltic; pp. 176–191
Linda Hints, David A. T. Harper, Juozas Paškevičius
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The latest Devonian (Famennian) phacopid trilobite Omegops from eastern Alborz, Iran; pp. 192–204
Mansoureh Ghobadi Pour, Leonid E. Popov, Mehdi Omrani, Hadi Omrani
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Evaluation of the pedodiversity, agronomical quality and environment protection ability of the soil cover of Estonian croplands; pp. 205–222
Kaire Rannik, Raimo Kõlli
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