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Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences
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ISSN 1736-4728 (Print)
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Vol 64, Issue 4, 2015
Digestive structures in Ordovician trilobites Colpocoryphe and Flexicalymene from the Barrandian area of Czech Republic; pp. 255–266
Oldřich Fatka, Petr Budil, Martin David
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A bio-chemostratigraphical test of the synchroneity of biozones in the upper Silurian of Estonia and Latvia with some implications for practical stratigraphy; pp. 267–283
Dimitri Kaljo, Rein Einasto, Tõnu Martma, Tiiu Märss, Viiu-Kai Nestor, Viive Viira
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The trace fossil Zoophycos from the Silurian of Estonia; pp. 284–288
Olev Vinn, Ursula Toom
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Analysis of wave time series in the Estonian coastal sea in 2003–2014; pp. 289–304
Ülo Suursaar
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Diurnal cycle of precipitation in Estonia; pp. 305–313
Regina Alber, Jaak Jaagus, Peeter Oja
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