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Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences
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Vol 63, Issue 1, 2014
The Llandovery–Wenlock boundary interval in west-central continental Estonia: an example from the Suigu (S-3) core section; pp. 1–17
Peep Männik, Anne Põldvere, Viiu Nestor, Toivo Kallaste, Tarmo Kiipli, Tõnu Martma
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Silurian bentonites in Lithuania: correlations based on sanidine phenocryst composition and graptolite biozonation – interpretation of volcanic source regions; pp. 18–29
Tarmo Kiipli, Sigitas Radzevičius, Toivo Kallaste
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Carbonate cementation in the late glacial outwash and beach deposits in northern Estonia; pp. 30–44
Maris Rattas, Pille Lomp, Argo Jõeleht
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Changes in climate, catchment vegetation and hydrogeology as the causes of dramatic lake-level fluctuations in the Kurtna Lake District, NE Estonia; pp. 45–61
Marko Vainu, Jaanus Terasmaa
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