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Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences
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Vol 61, Issue 3, 2012
Conodont dating of the Middle Ordovician breccia cap-rock limestone on Osmussaar Island, northwestern Estonia; pp. 133–148
Johanna I. S. Mellgren, Birger Schmitz, Leho Ainsaar, Kalle Kirsimäe, Mats E. Eriksson
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Tilting of Lake Pielinen, eastern Finland – an example of extreme transgressions and regressions caused by differential post-glacial isostatic uplift; pp. 149–161
Heikki Seppä, Matti Tikkanen, Jari-Pekka Mäkiaho
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Přídolí carbon isotope trend and upper Silurian to lowermost Devonian chemostratigraphy based on sections in Podolia (Ukraine) and the East Baltic area; pp. 162–180
Dimitri Kaljo, Tõnu Martma, Volodymyr Grytsenko, Antanas Brazauskas, Donatas Kaminskas
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Iron in the Middle Devonian aquifer system and its removal at Võru County water treatment plants, Estonia; pp. 181–190
Mariina Hiiob, Enn Karro
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Conodont bioapatite resembles vertebrate enamel by XRD properties; pp. 191–192
Jüri Nemliher, Toivo Kallaste
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