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Emmanuel C. Anizoba, Anthony Onyedika Onyeume


Akpo traditional people worship God directly through a special ritual called Aja-eze bi n’ elu sacrifice of the God/King that lives in heaven. The research aims to investigate traditional worship systems among Akpo people of Anambra state Nigeria, and also examines the religious-cultural implications of traditional worship of people. The study shows that Akpo people believe in the worship of divinities, such as the sun god which is active and assists the major deity in sending the worshipers’ request to God. Other deities worshiped in Akpo include: Ala, Ancestors etc. The study adopts a qualitative phenomenological research design and descriptive method for data analysis. Personal interviews form a primary source of data collection while the secondary source includes library resources. The findings reveal that the objects of traditional worship of these deities and divinities include image status, amulet, palm fronds etc., and the traditional system of worship in Akpo also include sacrifice and offerings, pouring of libation, traditional sermon etc. aimed at establishing the co-existence between the supreme being and man. The research recommends among other things, that traditional mode of worship should be integrated into the Christian ways of worship for easy answering of prayer by the gods/God.


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