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Valentina Baić, Oliver Lajić, Zvonimir Ivanović

The authors of this paper aim to present the results of their research on the frequency and content of rapists’ general sexual fantasies, as well as fantasies related to rape. The research was conducted in the penitentiary correctional institutions in the towns of Nis, Pozarevac, Padinska skela and Sremska Mitrovica, all in the Republic of Serbia. The sample included 40 convicts, males aged 24–69, serving the sentence of imprisonment for having committed the criminal offence of rape. Regarding the presence of sexual fantasies, the results show that as many as 82.5% of the convicts stated that they had general sexual fantasies and that 70% of the prisoners had sexual fantasies related to rape. By analysing the frequency of general sexual fantasies, we have established that 63.6% of the convicts reported that they had sexual fantasies every day and that 67.8% of the convicts reported that they had sexual fantasies related to rape on a daily basis. Regarding the content of sexual fantasies related to rape, the results point to the existence of various types of sexual fantasies, among which masturbatory fantasies appear to be prevalent, only to be followed by sexual fantasies in which the victim shows obedience and submissiveness, sexual fantasies about sex with a minor, and sexual fantasies in which the rapist causes pain to the victim, etc.


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