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Current Issue: Vol 72, Issue 1, 2023
Transformation of nonlinear discrete-time state equations into the observer form: revision; pp. 1–5
Tanel Mullari, Ülle Kotta ORCID Icon
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On the joint continuity of module multiplication; pp. 6–16
Mart Abel
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Solitary waves, shock waves and conservation laws with the surface tension effect in the Boussinesq equation; pp. 17–29
Anjan Biswas, Jose Vega-Guzman, Anupma Bansal, Abdul H. Kara, Maggie Aphane, Yakup Yıldırım, Hashim M. Alshehri
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Performance analysis of WSN–FSO system modeled by Gamma–Chi-square channel distribution; pp. 30–40
Jelena Todorović, Branimir Jakšić, Petar Spalević, Miloš Dobrojević, Ivan Milovanović
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Classifying cubic symmetric graphs of order 52p2; pp. 55–60
Shangjing Hao, Lin Shixun
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