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Innovative methods of engineering education popularization at schools; pp. 356–363

Eduard Shevtshenko, Tatjana Karaulova, Maris Igavens, Gunars Strods, Ilona Tandzegolskiene, Vidmantas Tutlys, Kashif Mahmood

In recent years, there is constant deficit of students in technical specialities in higher educational institutions, especially in industrial engineering area. To solve this issue, three universities of the Baltic region initiated the joint project “Innovative methods for implementing interdisciplinarity in career counselling (IMATEII)”. The aim of the project is to develop a new approach to prepare schoolchildren choosing appropriate profession through collective efforts of the university, schools and enterprises. Authors introduce the new approach based on the metal and machinery industry. Readers can apply the results of the current analysis in other geographical regions and different industrial sectors.


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