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Sr2Si5N8:Eu2+ phosphor: a novel recommendation for improving the lighting performance of the 7000 ⁰K remote-packaging white LEDs; pp. 337–341

Phu Tran Tin, Nguyen Huu Khanh Nhan, Tran Hoang Quang Minh, Tan N. Nguyen, Miroslav Voznak, Tran Thanh Trang

In the last few years, white LED lamps (WLEDs) have been popularly used in general lighting because of some excellent properties, such as fast response time, environment friendliness, small size, long lifetime, and high efficiency. In this research, we propose a novel recommendation for improving the lighting performance (in terms of the colour rending index, colour quality scale, and luminous efficiency) of the 7000 K remote-packaging WLEDs by adding the red-emitting Sr2Si5N8:Eu2+ phosphor to the yellow-emitting YAG:Ce phosphor compound. In the first stage, we use MATLAB to investigate the light scattering process based on Mie Theory. After that, we use the Light Tool software to simulate and demonstrate this process. Finally, the simulation results are verified with analytical analysis, which clearly shows that the lighting performance of the 7000 K remote-packaging WLEDs significantly depended on the Sr2Si5N8:Eu2+ concentration. The results provided a potential practical solution for manufacturing remote phosphor WLEDs in the near future.


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