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Novel Pd/CeO2 and Pd-NiO/CeO2 nanocomposites’ catalytic activity in glycerol oxidation processes; pp. 486–492

Elina Sile, Svetlana Chornaja, Vera Serga, Ilze Lulle, Svetlana Zhizhkuna, Konstantin Dubencov, Aija Krumina

In this work novel Pd supported on cerium oxide nanocomposites in the liquid phase glycerol oxidation with molecular oxygen was studied. Pd/CeO2 and Pd-NiO/CeO2 composites with different Pd loading were prepared using the extractive-pyrolytic method. In the glycerol oxidation processes it was found that Pd/CeO2 and Pd-NiO/CeO2 composites are catalytically active. Besides, NiO additives can significantly increase Pd/CeO2 catalysts’ activity and selectivity to the main product – glyceric acid. Several glycerol oxidation parameters like NaOH initial concentration, glycerol/Pd molar ratio, oxygen pressure and temperature were varied. The best yield of glyceric acid reached 71–75 mol% with full glycerol conversion.


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