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Luminescence properties of chlorine molecules in glassy SiO2 and optical fibre waveguides; pp. 455–461

Linards Skuja, Koichi Kajihara, Krisjanis Smits, Kalvis Alps, Andrejs Silins, Janis Teteris

Glassy SiO2 is the basic material for optical fibre waveguides and manufacturing-induced Cl impurities reduce their transparency in UV spectral range. This work reports in-depth study/spectroscopic parameters of the near-infrared (1.23 eV) low-temperature photo-luminescence (PL) of interstitial Cl2 molecules in SiO2. The zero-phonon line position was estimated at 2.075 eV on the basis of anharmonicity of Cl2 PL vibronic data. The vibronic sub-bands are broadened by coupling to phonons and by an additional contribution from the glassy disorder. The Huang‒Rhys factor is ≈13. The PL decay time is between 1 and 10 ms in the temperature range 100 K‒13 K and can be reproduced by 3 exponents. Cl2 PL retains relatively high quantum yield and its characteristic structured shape, when the temperature is increased from 13 K to the liquid nitrogen temperature. This allows using it conveniently as a high-sensitivity diagnostic tool for detecting Cl2 impurities in optical fibre waveguides. Time-resolved measurements of optical fibre waveguides indicate that the lower detection limit is below 1010 Cl2/cm3.


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