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of the estonian academy of sciences
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Vol 64, Issue 4S, 2015
Foreword. Selected papers of the 9th International DAAAM Baltic Conference ‘Industrial Engineering’; p. 535
Tauno Otto
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A concept for performance measurement and evaluation in network industries; pp. 536–542
Kristjan Kuhi, Kati Kõrbe Kaare, Ott Koppel
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Value-centric business development: descriptive and prescriptive research into five different companies; pp. 543–557
Merili Kukushkin, Tauno Otto, Thomas Howard
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Workplace performance analysis: methods and a system; pp. 558–566
Jaak Lavin, Jüri Riives, Sergei Kaganski, Rivo Lemmik, Marko Paavel, Kaspar Koov
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Production monitoring system development and modification; pp. 567–580
Aleksei Snatkin, Tanel Eiskop, Kristo Karjust, Jüri Majak
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