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Wave nature in deformation of solids and comprehensive description of deformation dynamics; pp. 438–448
PDF | doi: 10.3176/proc.2015.3S.15

Sanichiro Yoshida

Deformation of solids is discussed based on a recent field theory. Applying the basic physical principle, known as local symmetry, to the elastic force law, this theory derives field equations that govern dynamics of all stages of deformation on the same theoretical basis. The general solutions to the field equations are wave functions. Different stages of deformation are characterized by different restoring mechanisms that generate the wave characteristics. Elastic deformation is characterized by longitudinal restoring force, plastic deformation is characterized by transverse restoring force accompanied by longitudinal energy dissipative force. Fracture is characterized by the final stage of plastic deformation where the solid has lost both restoring and energy dissipative mechanisms. Experimental observations that support these wave dynamics are presented.



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