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of the estonian academy of sciences
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Vol 64, Issue 1, 2015
On the effect of finite-time correlations on the turbulent mixing in smooth chaotic compressible velocity fields; pp. 1–7
Siim Ainsaar, Jaan Kalda
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Water-column mass losses during the emptying of a large-scale pipeline by pressurized air; pp. 8–16
Janek Laanearu, Qingzhi Hou, Ivar Annus, Arris s. Tijsseling
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On chaos control in hierarchical multi-agent systems; pp. 17–21
Rommi Källo, Martin Eerme, Vello Reedik
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Numerical simulation of the propagation of ship-induced Riemann waves of depression into the Venice Lagoon; pp. 22–35
Artem Rodin, Tarmo Soomere, Kevin E. Parnell, Luca Zaggia
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Behaviour of proteins on reversed-phase supports during high performance liquid chromatography on C18 stationary phase; pp. 36–42
Oksana Rotkaja, Jelena Golushko, Peteris Mekss
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ICP Materials: long-term studies at the Lahemaa monitoring station, Estonia; pp. 43–52
Ott Roots
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Disturbance-related patterns in unstable rocky benthic habitats of the north-eastern Baltic coast; pp. 53–61
Kiran Liversage, Jonne Kotta
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Influence of plant extracts on the growth of oral pathogens Streptococcus mutans and Candida albicans in vitro; pp. 62–67
Guntra Krumina, Linda Ratkevicha, Vizma Nikolajeva, Anna Babarikina, Dmitry Babarykin
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