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SINCE 1952
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Connections in control strategy; pp. 26–32
PDF | doi: 10.3176/proc.2014.1.05

Maido Rahula, Petr Vašík

We present an infinitesimal interpretation of the control theory, particularly of the part concerning dynamic systems. We use the original concept of a bundle connection, which lies in the idea of fibre transportation along a path on the base manifold. The control of a process leads also to the transportation of fibres, and the control strategy, i.e. the choice of a suitable system control in order to optimize the process corresponds to the choice of a path on the base manifold. The triple of crucial terms of control, aim–control–strategy, translates in the terms of connections as fibre–connection–curve. Such a scheme is quite convincing, but it also works well in dynamic systems analysis.


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