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DPF Workbench: a multi-level language workbench for MDE; pp. 3–15
PDF | doi: 10.3176/proc.2013.1.02

Yngve Lamo, Xiaoliang Wang, Florian Mantz, Øyvind Bech, Anders Sandven, Adrian Rutle

This paper presents the DPF Workbench, a language workbench for (meta)modelling and code generation. The DPF Workbench includes a graphical specification editor for the Diagram Predicate Framework (DPF), which provides a graph-based formalization of (meta)modelling and model transformation. The tool offers functionality for fully diagrammatic specifications of domain-specific modelling languages. Moreover, the DPF Workbench supports the development of metamodelling hierarchies with an arbitrary number of metalevels; i.e. each model at a metalevel can be used as a metamodel for the metalevel below. The DPF Workbench facilitates the generation of domain-specific diagrammatic editors out of these metamodels. The conformance relations between adjacent metalevels are checked using typing morphisms and validation of diagrammatic constraints. In addition, the DPF Workbench provides a signature editor for the definition of software constraints and their corresponding validators. The code generator is a newly added component that facilitates the generation of software from models defined in the DPF Workbench. The features of the DPF Workbench are illustrated by a running example presenting a metamodelling hierarchy for business process modelling and sketching how these models can be transformed to programs by the code generation facility.



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