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Bounded saturation-based CTL model checking; pp. 59–70
PDF | doi: 10.3176/proc.2013.1.07

András Vörös, Dániel Darvas, Tamás Bartha

Formal verification is becoming a fundamental step of safety-critical and model-based software development. As part of the verification process, model checking is one of the current advanced techniques to analyse the behaviour of a system. Symbolic model checking is an efficient approach to handling even complex models with huge state spaces. Saturation is a symbolic algorithm with a special iteration strategy, which is efficient for asynchronous models. Recent advances have resulted in many new kinds of saturation-based algorithms for state space generation and bounded state space generation and also for structural model checking. In this paper, we examine how the combination of two advanced model checking algorithms – bounded saturation and saturation-based structural model checking – can be used to verify systems. Our work is the first attempt to combine these approaches, and this way we are able to handle and examine complex or even infinite state systems. Our measurements show that we can exploit the efficiency of saturation in bounded model checking.


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