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Formation of mixed copper sulphide and silver sulphide layers on low density polyethylene film; pp. 35–39

Full article in PDF format | doi: 10.3176/proc.2009.1.06

Ingrida Ancutiene, Remigijus Ivanauskas


The amount of copper in the copper sulphide layer and the amount of silver in the modified sulphide layer increased with the prolongation of the period of sulphurization in a polythionic acid solution and also of the treating time of the sulphurized sample in a solution of copper salts. X-ray diffraction results showed various copper sulphides, sulphur, silver, and silver sulphide in the samples. Silver sulphide and silver were formed when ion-exchange and reduction–oxidation reactions took place. A simple route to obtain copper and silver sulphides on polyethylene film is reported.


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