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Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Engineering
Vol 10, Issue 2, 2004

Special issue on biomedical engineering

10th anniversary of the Biomedical Engineering Centre of the Tallinn University of Technology and of the Estonian Society for Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics; pp. 67–68
Hiie Hinrikus
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Model-based interpretation of intramyocardial electrograms for cardiac risk assessment and surveillance; pp. 69–81
Helmut Hutten
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Interaction of low-level microwave radiation with nervous system – a quasi-thermal effect?; pp. 82–94
Hiie Hinrikus, Jaanus Lass, Viiu Tuulik
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EEG signal in monitoring brain function in anesthesia and intensive care: a review; pp. 95–109
Tarmo Lipping, Ville Jäntti
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Using photoplethysmographic signal for increasing the accuracy of indirect blood pressure measurement; pp. 110–122
Ákos Jobbágy
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Optical and electrical methods for pulse wave transit time measurement and its correlation with arterial blood pressure; pp. 123–136
Jaanus Lass, Kalju Meigas, Rain Kattai, Deniss Karai, Jüri Kaik, Mart Rossmann
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Estimation of the finger arterial pressure–volume relationship and blood pressure waveform from photoplethysmographic signals; pp. 137–147
Jaak Talts
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