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SINCE 1984
Oil Shale cover
Oil Shale
ISSN 1736-7492 (Electronic)
ISSN 0208-189X (Print)
Impact Factor (2022): 1.9
Vol 39, Issue 4, 2022
Viscosity data for kukersite shale gasoline fractions; pp. 241–251
Zachariah Steven Baird, Alexey Yanchilin, Vahur Oja, Oliver Järvik
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Reduction of life cycle impacts of oil shale electricity caused by the shift to fluidized bed combustion technology; pp. 252–269
Siret Talve, Evelin Põld
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Effect of real-time temperature and shear angle on the mechanical strength and energy evolution of oil shale; pp. 270–289
Siqi Ren, Lei Wang, Dong Yang, Zhiqin Kang, Pengyu Zhang
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Mineral matter hydropyrolysis of Tarfaya oil shale and influence of sedimentation edge; pp. 290–307
Abdeljabbar Attaoui, Maryem Nadif, Mohammed Hafid, Khalid Amzil
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Treated oil shale ash and its capacity to remove Cd and Pb from aqueous solutions; pp. 308–324
Omar Al-Ayed, Tayel El-Hasan, Abdulaziz Amro, Mohammed Matouq, Fathi Kooli
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