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Oil Shale cover
Oil Shale
ISSN 1736-7492 (Electronic)
ISSN 0208-189X (Print)
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Vol 37, Issue 4, 2020
Prospectivity analysis of oil shales in Kazakhstan; pp. 269–280
Sergei Sabanov, Zarina Mukhamedyarova
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From the molecules of resorcinolic lipids to alga G. prisca globular colonies in kukersite microfossils: a multiscale simulation study; pp. 281–287
Toomas Kaevand, √úlo Lille
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Vapor pressures of narrow gasoline fractions of oil from industrial retorting of Kukersite oil shale; pp. 288–303
Parsa Mozaffari, Zachariah Steven Baird, Madis Listak, Vahur Oja
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Influence of transition metal salts and pyrolysis conditions on the product yield via Jimsar oil shale pyrolysis; pp. 304–318
Ni Pan, Yue Yue, Zhu He, Wei Lv
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Evaluation of the porosity and permeability of oil shale during in-situ conversion process through numerical simulation and mathematical modeling; pp. 319–333
Atif Zafar, Yuliang Su, Wang Wendong, Muhammad Kashif, Asif Mehmood, Syed Ghufran Alam
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3-D CFD simulation of oil shale drying in fluidized bed and experimental verification; pp. 334–356
Ruitong Dong, Liangzhi Xia, Haonan Wang, Dongsheng Jiao
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