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Oil Shale
ISSN 1736-7492 (Electronic)
ISSN 0208-189X (Print)
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Vol 37, Issue 3, 2020
Implications of the possible exit from oil shale for Estonian electricity sector; pp. 177–187
Mihkel Härm, Arvi Hamburg
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Evaluation of oil shale resources based on geochemistry and logging in Tuanyushan, Qaidam Basin, Northwest China; pp. 188–206
Jun-Xian Wang, Ping-Chang Sun, Junxian Wang, Zhao-Jun Liu, Yin-Bo Xu, Li Li
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Characteristics of Upper Permian oil shale and analysis of the resource development potential in the Lucaogou Formation in the Junggar Basin, northern Bogda Mountains, Northwest China; pp. 207–223
Yuanji Li, Pingchang Sun, Zhaojun Liu, Liu Rong, Junxian Wang, Yue Li, Meiqi Zhang
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Evolution of pore characteristics in oil shale during pyrolysis under convection and conduction heating modes; pp. 224–241
Lei Wang, Dong Yang, Yangsheng Zhao, Guojing Wang
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Possibilities of utilizing organic-poor metalliferous black shales (argillite); pp. 242–267
Rein Palvadre
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