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SINCE 1965
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Linguistica Uralica
ISSN 1736-7506 (Electronic)
ISSN 0868-4731 (Print)
Система посессивных суффиксов эрзянских говоров сел Новомалыклинского района Ульяновской области; pp. 241-258

Nina Agafonova, Ivan Ryabov

The article is another of a series on Erzyan dialects spoken in the villages of the Novaja Malykla district of the Ulyanovsk region. It relies on field data collected by the authors during linguistic expeditions to areas of compact Erzyan population outside the Republic of Mordovia. Contrastive analysis has revealed that the system of possessive suffixes used in the area is more complete and archaic than in the Erzya literary language and other dialects. The isolated development of the dialects in question has contributed to the preservation of the ancient system of possessive suffixes up to now. This system uses all four series of possessive suffixes to render personal possessive relations. The ancient suffix *-nt > -nt/-ńt’ is used to express the plurality of the possessed in the second series of toń ’your’. In the third and fourth series of the set minek ’our’, the opposition between the two ancient possessive suffixes *-mVk > -mok/-ḿek and *-nVk > -nok/-ńek has been preserved. In the first series of moń ’my’ -m is used, while -n/-ń is used in the second series; in the first series of toń ’your’ -t/-t’ is used; in the first series of sonze͔ ’his/her’ -zo/-ze͔/-so/-se͔ is used, while -nzo/-nze͔ is used in the second series; in the third and fourth series of ti̮nk ’your’ -nk is used; in the third series of si̮nst ’their’ -sk (-st) is used, while -st (-sk) is used in the fourth series.


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