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SINCE 1965
Linguistica Uralica cover
Linguistica Uralica
ISSN 1736-7506 (Electronic)
ISSN 0868-4731 (Print)

Some Aspects of Quantity in Central Veps; pp. 241-249

Full article in PDF format | doi:10.3176/lu.2010.4.01

Tuuli Tuisk

This article presents an acoustic-phonetic study of Veps word prosody. The results are analysed from the point of view of their role in the manifestation of the Veps prosodic structure. This paper deals with the role of quantity in Central Veps. It focuses on the quantity of vowels. Traditionally, in North Veps the vowels u and i are long in the stressed syllable, while in Central and South Veps they are shortened (e.g sur' ’big’, hir' ’mouse’). The main issue raised in the paper deals with the durations of vowels in Central Veps. The results show that in monosyllabic words the duration of the vowels is longer than in the first syllable of polysyllabic words.
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