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Estonian Journal of Engineering

In-process determining of the working mode in CNC turning; pp. 4–16

Full article in PDF format | doi: 10.3176/eng.2011.1.02

Tanel Aruväli, Risto Serg, Jürgo Preden, Tauno Otto

Autonomous embedded computers that form a sensor network can be applied in various fields. In the domain of industrial manufacturing, sensor networks can be employed for detecting events or phenomena of interest at the shop floor. Sensor network nodes collect and process data, transmitting sensed and fused information either to a central database or directly to the handheld computer, used by the production manager. Smart dust can be used at CNC machine tools for measuring vibration, noise and other essential parameters. These parameters can give a signal for unsuitable cutting conditions. Implemented experiments were made using wired solutions, but wireless solutions are proposed. The proposed solution helps to detect changes in shop floor and predict possible problems, thus avoiding unplanned pauses in production. It is shown that different working modes can be detected using in-process monitoring.

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