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Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences
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Vol 70, Issue 2, 2021
Geochemistry, mineral chemistry and pressure–temperature conditions of the Jõhvi magnetite quartzites and magnetite-rich gneisses, NE Estonia; pp. 71–93
Alvar Soesoo, Siim Nirgi, Kristjan Urtson, Margus Voolma
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The role of the Leba Ridge–Riga–Pskov Fault Zone in the tectonic evolution of the deep-facies Livonian Tongue within the Baltic Ordovician–Silurian sedimentary basin: a review; pp. 94–106
Igor Tuuling, Kairi Põldsaar
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New 3D velocity model of Estonia from GNSS measurements; pp. 107–125
Tarmo Kall, Tõnis Oja, Kätlin Kruusla, Aive Liibusk
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