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Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences
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Vol 69, Issue 1, 2020
Small faecal pellets in Ordovician shelly fossils from Estonia, Baltoscandia; pp. 1–19
Ursula Toom, Olev Vinn, Mare Isakar, Anna Madison, Olle Hints
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Muscle scars, mode of life and systematics of Pollicina (Mollusca) from the Ordovician of Baltica; pp. 20–36
John S. Peel
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Middle Ordovician carbonate facies development, conodont biostratigraphy and faunal diversity patterns at the Lynna River, northwestern Russia; pp. 37–61
Anders Lindskog, Mats E. Eriksson, Jan A. Rasmussen, Andrei V. Dronov, Christian M. Ø. Rasmussen
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