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The Middle Devonian acanthodian assemblage of the Karksi outcrop in Estonia; pp. 96–111

Full article in PDF format | 10.3176/earth.2018.07

Darya V. Pinakhina, Tiiu Märss


The taxonomic composition of the acanthodian assemblage of the Karksi outcrop, Estonia, is discussed. Two new species, Rhadinacanthus deltosquamosus n. sp. (Diplacanthiformes, Diplacanthidae) and Ginkgolepis tenericostatus n. sp. (Acanthodiformes, Cheiracanthidae), are described based on isolated scales. A re-description of Nostolepis gaujensis Valiukevičius (Climatiiformes, Climatiidae) scales from this locality is also given. Three diplacanthiform taxa, Diplacanthus sp. cf. D. crassisimus (Duff), Diplacanthus sp. cf. D. tenuistriatus Traquair and Diplacanthiformes indet., are described in open nomenclature.


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