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Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences
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Vol 65, Issue 4, 2016
A new Byronia species from the Late Ordovician of Estonia; pp. 201–206
Olev Vinn, Kalle Kirsimäe, Luke A. Parry, Ursula Toom
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Lower Devonian lithofacies and palaeoenvironments in the southwestern margin of the East European Platform (Ukraine, Moldova and Romania); pp. 207–220
Natalia Radkovets
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Assessment of the effect of anthropogenic pollution on the ecology of small shallow lakes using the palaeolimnological approach; pp. 221–233
Tiiu Koff, Egert Vandel, Agáta Marzecová, Egle Avi, Annika Mikomägi
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Modelling precipitation extremes in the Czech Republic: update of intensity–duration–frequency curves; pp. 234–247
Michal Fusek, Radek Hellebrand, Jaroslav Michálek
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The main microelements and phosphorus content of sediments formed in a drinking water supply system; pp. 248–257
Marina Valentukeviciene, Ramune Zurauskiene, Jonas Satkunas
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