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Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences
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Vol 65, Issue 2, 2016
Assessing the geochemical variability of oil shale in the Attarat Um Ghudran deposit, Jordan; pp. 61–74
Margus Voolma, Alvar Soesoo, Väino Puura, Sigrid Hade, Hardi Aosaar
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New Early Katian species of Leptestiidae and Hesperorthidae (Brachiopoda) from Lithuania; pp. 75–84
Juozas Paškevičius, Linda Hints
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Upper Sandbian–lower Katian bio- and chemostratigraphy in the Pajevonys-13 core section, Lithuania; pp. 85–97
Linda Hints, Juozas Paškevičius, Tõnu Martma, Peep Männik, Jaak Nõlvak
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The oldest ascocerid cephalopod from the Silurian of Estonia and notes on the biogeography of the order Ascocerida (class Cephalopoda); pp. 98–104
Martina Aubrechtová, Tõnu Meidla
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Age of the Kalana Lagerstätte, early Silurian, Estonia; pp. 105–114
Peep Männik, Oive Tinn, David K. Loydell, Leho Ainsaar
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A new microconchid species from the Silurian of Baltica; pp. 115–123
Michał Zatoń, Olev Vinn, Ursula Toom
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