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Revision of the conodont zonation of the Wenlock–Ludlow boundary in the Prague Synform; pp. 305–311
PDF | doi: 10.3176/earth.2014.35

Ladislav Slavík

The regional zonation of the Wenlock–Ludlow boundary is established for the Prague Synform using refined data from updated conodont records. The following conodont zones have been recognized in the Prague Synform: the Ozarkodina sagitta sagitta Zone, the Ozarkodina bohemica Interval Zone, the Kockelella crassa Zone, the Kockelella variabilis variabilis Interval Zone and the Ancoradella ploeckensis Zone. The Ozarkodina bohemica longa and Kockelella ortus absidata zones are used herein at subzonal level only because the entries of index taxa cannot be precisely detected. The Bohemian conodont zonal scale is correlated with the recently proposed standardized zonation. The established conodont zones are tentatively correlated with global graptolite zonation and matched against generalized eustatic and carbon isotope curves.


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