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Ontogeny of the ostracod Conchoprimitia osekensis (Přibyl, 1979) from the Darriwilian of the Prague Basin (Czech Republic); pp. 144–155

Full article in PDF format | doi: 10.3176/earth.2014.13

Karolína Lajblová, Petr Kraft, Tõnu Meidla


The ontogeny of the species Conchoprimitia osekensis (Přibyl, 1979) from the Šárka Formation (lower and middle Darriwilian) is evaluated. Eight ontogenetic stages (A-8 to A-1) and one adult specimen are described and illustrated. This study displays that another common species of the same stratigraphical unit, Conchoprimitia? dejvicensis Přibyl, 1979, represents early instars of C. osekensis. It clearly demonstrates the importance of such ontogenetic studies for understanding real taxonomy and diversity of fossil ostracods.


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