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Stegocornu and associated brachiopods from the Silurian (Llandovery) of Central Iran; pp. 82–104

Full article in PDF format | doi: 10.3176/earth.2012.2.02

Vachik Hairapetian, Mansoureh Ghobadi Pour, Leonid E. Popov, Tatiana L. Modzalevskaya


A Llandovery (mid-upper Aeronian) brachiopod fauna is described for the first time from the Niur Formation of Central Iran. It is dominated by two succeeding rhynchonellide species Stegocornu procerum Dürkoop, 1970 and Stegocornu denisae sp. nov. In addition, there are three common and four rarer brachiopod species, including Dalejina? rashidii sp. nov., Isorthis (Ovalella) inflata sp. nov. and Striispirifer? ocissimus sp. nov. The Stegocornu Association gives a distinct biogeographic signature to the mid to late Llandovery rhynchonellide-dominated shallow-water brachiopod faunas of Central Iran, Kope-Dagh and Afghanistan. Its proliferation in temperate latitude peri-Gondwana was one of the earliest signs of biogeographical differentiation of the brachiopod faunas in the early Silurian. The affinities of Stegocornu and Xerxespirifer are discussed.


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