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SHORT COMMUNICATION: Kaljoprion – a new enigmatic jawed polychaete genus from the Upper Ordovician of Estonia; pp. 256–259

Full article in PDF format | 10.3176/earth.2008.4.05

Olle Hints


A new Late Ordovician polychaete genus Kaljoprion, with K. laevaensis gen. et sp. nov. as the type species, is described from the Nabala Regional Stage of the Laeva-18 drill core, central Estonia. The genus has a labidognath-type apparatus with the first and second maxillae equipped with anterior denticles developed into characteristic transversal ridges. Similar dentaries are observed in the jaws of distantly related Rhytiprion, suggesting a common feeding habit of both genera and representing a case of convergent evolution among Palaeozoic polychaetes.



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