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Guidelines for peer Reviewers

Expert evaluations and recommendations of the peer reviewers guide editors in their decisions and ensure that published research is valid, rigorous, and credible. Peer reviewers are selected primarily because of their in-depth knowledge of the subject matter or methods of the work they are asked to evaluate.

Papers published in the journal should meet certain criteria relating to audience, technical content, and presentation.

The peer reviewers are asked to look at the manuscript soon after receiving it and return the review as soon as possible (but no later than 4 weeks after receiving the paper). If they cannot meet this term, other reviewers will be sought.

Review form

The peer review form is designated to help peer reviewers evaluate manuscripts. If revisions are recommended, reviewers should be as specific as possible in describing changes and should indicate which changes are recommended and which are obligatory. If a paper is considered un-publishable, reviewers should reject it completely.

The peer review should be returned to the Editorial office:
Hedi Tõnso
Executive editor

ai use by peer Reviewers

Estonian Academy Publishers supports the use of AI tools, provided that peer reviewers base their evaluations on their expertise and not solely on AI-generated content. Peer reviewers are expected to adhere to generally accepted publication ethics and best practices. The use of AI tools, including the name of the tool and the manner of its use, should be disclosed in the peer review text.

However, peer reviewers should remember that manuscripts may contain sensitive or proprietary information that must not be shared outside the peer review process. Therefore, we ask that reviewers refrain from uploading manuscripts into generative AI tools.

peer Reviewer confidentiality

The editors of the journal never disclose the names of reviewers to the authors except with the permission of the reviewer. Peer reviewers should regard a submitted manuscript as a confidential document. They should not use or disclose unpublished information in a manuscript except with the permission of the author(s). Since there is no direct communication between the author(s) and the reviewer(s) concerning a manuscript, that permission can only be obtained via the Editor-in-chief or Executive editor.