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Analysis of possible faults and diagnostic methods of the Cartesian industrial robot; pp. 227–240
PDF | 10.3176/proc.2022.3.04

Siarhei Autsou, Anton Rassõlkin, Toomas Vaimann, Karolina Kudelina

The paper discusses problems that occur in robotic arm control. The specific problems arise due to the wear of various types of gears (in the presented case, belt gear and worm gear). It is important to note that such errors need to be diagnosed in time, and the way of their elimination has to be determined, which should be resource-intensive and cost-effective. This article describes the basic types of robotic manipulators (robotic arm, telpher and Cartesian), presenting a review and study of the possibilities of errors in the movement of a robot, adjustment of a mechanical system, and determination of a strategy for solving the emerging problems. A comparison between various types of gear faults is also provided. Different ways of diagnosing faults are discussed, based on the advantages and disadvantages of the methods. The main objective of this study is to provide a complete overview of the mechanical areas where disturbances occur, their diagnosing, and methods of their elimination.


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