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Graphene/SiC dies for electrochemical blood-type sensing; pp. 207–213

Alexander Usikov, Konstantin Borodkin, Sergey Novikov, Alexander Roenkov, Andrei Goryachkin, Mikhail Puzyk, Iosif Barash, Sergey Lebedev, Alexander Zubov, Yuri Makarov, Alexander Lebedev

We discuss graphene-on-SiC dies for blood-type sensing. For the sensor application, chemical species to be detected adsorb on the graphene surface and act as electron donors or acceptors resulting in resistance changes of the graphene channel. In this work, graphene films were formed on 4H-SiC substrates by thermal decomposition of the (0001) silicon surface in Ar ambient at a high temperature of 1800–2000 oC. The graphene functionalization was performed by the covalent bonding of a nitrophenyl group (C6H5NO2) followed by its reduction to a phenylamine group (C6H5NH2) by using a cyclic voltammetry process. There was a clear and prompt response (current change) of the antibody-coated graphene/SiC dies when the blood antigen matched the antibody. No response occurred when the antibody on the graphene surface mismatched the blood antigen. The experiments demonstrated that a functionalized graphene-on-SiC die has capability in blood sensing, opening a way to manufacture biosensors for detecting blood types and for other applications.


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