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Workplace performance analysis: methods and a system; pp. 558–566

Full article in PDF format | doi: 10.3176/proc.2015.4S.03

Jaak Lavin, Jüri Riives, Sergei Kaganski, Rivo Lemmik, Marko Paavel, Kaspar Koov


A web-based workplace performance improvement system was developed for managing real-time manufacturing processes and the level of execution of the production tasks at workplaces. The system’s web aspect provides significant advantages, as the system is distributed through inter-operable, cross-platform, and highly pluggable web-service components. It is possible to estimate the effectiveness of the production process at the workplace through different key performance indicators. The main objective is to eliminate excessive idle time, but also to analyse possibilities of reducing various times involved in the manufacturing process, such as the setup time, quality control time, etc. The system was developed in cooperation with Fujitsu Services Estonia, and it is possible to integrate it with the human resources managing system PERSONA (Fujitsu Services).



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