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Wave propagation in pantographic 2D lattices with internal discontinuities; pp. 325–330
PDF | doi: 10.3176/proc.2015.3S.01

Angela Madeo, Alessandro Della Corte, Leopoldo Greco, Patrizio Neff

In the present paper we consider a 2D pantographic structure composed of two orthogonal families of Euler beams. Pantographic rectangular ‘long’ waveguides are considered in which imposed boundary displacements can induce the onset of travelling (possibly non-linear) waves. We performed numerical simulations concerning a set of dynamically interesting cases. The system undergoes large rotations, which may involve geometrical non-linearities, possibly opening a path to appealing phenomena such as the propagation of solitary waves. Boundary conditions dramatically influence the transmission of the considered waves at discontinuity surfaces. The theoretical study of this kind of objects looks critical, as the concept of pantographic 2D sheets seems to have promising possible applications in a number of fields, e.g. acoustic filters, vascular prostheses, and aeronautic/aerospace panels.



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