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Multisoliton interactions for the Manakov system under composite external potentials; pp. 368–378
PDF | doi: 10.3176/proc.2015.3S.07

Michail Todorov, Vladimir S. Gerdjikov, Assen V. Kyuldjiev

The soliton interactions of Manakov soliton trains subjected to composite external potentials are modelled by the perturbed complex Toda chain (PCTC). The model is applied to several classes of potentials, such as: (i) harmonic, (ii) periodic, (iii) ‘wide well’-type potentials, and (iv) inter-channel interactions. We demonstrate that the potentials can change the asymptotic regimes of the soliton trains. Our results can be implemented, e.g., in experiments on Bose–Einstein condensates and can be used to control the soliton motion. In general, our numerical experiments demonstrate that the predictions of complex Toda chain (CTC) (respectively PCTC) match very well the Manakov (respectively perturbed Manakov) model numerics for long-time evolution, often much longer than expected. This means that both CTC and PCTC are reliable dynamical models for predicting the dynamics of the multisoliton trains of the Manakov model in adiabatic approximation. This extends our previous results on scalar soliton trains to the Manakov trains with compatible initial parameters.



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